Improve your chances of getting Job with the help of Google and Udacity

Indeed and Monster sites help you find and apply to jobs easier, Udacity and Google teamed up to offer free career courses that hope to increase your chances of getting a job.
Udacity and Google’s partnership started in March when the two companies offered the “Networking for Career Success” course to 60,000 Grow with Google scholars. That course is still available, but it joins 11 new courses that are free for anyone interested in rounding themselves out.
These new courses range from creating targeted resumes and cover letters to improving your interview skills and how you use LinkedIn. There are also more specialized courses that help you explain your Swift and Python solutions, optimize your GitHub profile, and prepare for specific types of interviews.
“They’re going to need every resource they can get to make sure they’re able to compete successfully for available roles,” wrote Udacity vice president of careers and former Google employee Kathleen Mullaney. “They are not alone in benefiting from this kind of support. Mid-career professionals pursuing a career change, older workers returning to the workforce, and anyone looking ahead to a job search, will find these courses valuable as well.”
The partnership makes sense for Google since the companies Grow with Google initiative pledged to help one million Europeans either find a job or grow their business by 2020.
If you want to complete all of these free courses, it would take you less than 15 weeks. You can also pick and choose which courses you want to complete. However you want to approach it, the 12 courses are now available.
Check out the details of the course here: Click Here

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