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Facebook Is Testing An Unsend  Feature on Messenger
Earlier in this year, Facebook disclosed that company had secretly deleted some old messages send on facebook messenger by Co-founder and Founder Mark Zuckerberg. Normal user cant do this if you delete messages from your own inbox, those messages still remain in the recipient’s inbox. Then in the month of April facebook said that they are planned to implement an unsend option for everyone but they didn’t give any delivery date. 
Jane Manchun Wong tweeted screenshots of the unsend feature in use on Android. When editing messages sent in a conversation, “Unsend Message” appears above “Delete Message.” If the unsend message is selected, a pop-up appears, asking to confirm the choice, saying, “Your message will be removed from the chat, and you.” Wong also says that there will be a time limit for unsending messages, much like Gmail’s “Undo Send” feature that gives a 30-second window after an email is sent to unsend. Wong doesn’t mention what Messenger’s unsend time limit is.
Instagram already gives its users permission to unsend any messages they sent.
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