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PUBG Mobile crosses 50 million downloads on Google Play Store
PUBG Mobile has crossed 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. Tencent Games, the company behind PUBG made an announcement stating that the company was able to achieve this feat in less than four months of launching the game on android platforms. The same milestone was passed by Fortnite last month. However, the game at the time was only available on the iOS platform.
PUBG short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a military-style shooter battle royale game in which a total of 100 players drop onto a battleground, where they will have to fight till death and the last man standing will be declared the winner. PUBG is currently available on PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.
PUBG Mobile at first did not feature any in-game purchases at the time of launch making the game completely free. However, as time passed the developer’s have added various skins, clothes, styles, premium progression pass and much more for users to purchase, which according to a report by sensor tower has made Tencent Games over $50 million in revenue.
The game is currently hosting a crossover event with the recent blockbuster Mission Impossible – Fallout and has been updated with new maps and game modes for the same. The app currently has over 14 million daily active users excluding the countries  China, Japan, and Korea.
Fortnite, though, has more overall downloads and daily active players, but it might have just given PUBG an edge by not bringing the game to Google’s Play Store and keeping it exclusive to their own website for the Android platform.
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